Call For Exam and Interview

Call for Interview Ethiopian Airlines

Call for Interview Ethiopian Airlines ET-Sponsored School of Finance Trainee (SOF) Candidates

Postion : School of Finance Trainee (SOF)
Location : Ambo, Assossa, Arbaminch, Jimma, Debreberhan & Wolkite


Among those candidates who have applied and taken written examination at Ambo, Arbaminch, Assossa, Debreberhan, Jimma & Wolkite Locations for the position of School of Finance Trainee (SOF) the following listed candidates have passed the written examination and requested to come for Group Discussion and Interview Exam per the below Place, Date & time schedule.

LocationAmbo, Arbaminch, Assossa, Debreberhan, Jimma & WolkiteUniversity (In your respective application Location)

Date & Time: Only per the below given schedule (Refer your date & time schedule from the table below)

And, if your name is not listed below, it means that you have not been passed the written examination and we thank you for your interest to work for Ethiopian Airlines Group.

Please note that:

  • Candidates should arrive on time! any candidate who arrives later than the mentioned time will not be entertained.
  • Candidates should come up with original renewed kebele id or 8th or 10th or 12th grade or driving license or passport or any other legal and valid document that show your identity.
  • Male candidates are required to come with proper business attire and clean-cut hair and fully shaved beard.
  • Female candidates with formal hair and dressing style will only be accepted.
  • Candidates who fail to meet the above requirements will be automatically disqualified from the process.

NB: If anyone is found to apply with false information, it will lead to subsequent termination from the process upon discovery of the fact.



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