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Vision Fund Micro Finance Institution (S.C) is an Institution established according to proclamation No. 40/96 to provide financial services to the productive poor in the rural and urban areas of Ethiopia. Vision Fund is currently operating in five of the Regional States of the country.

Vision Fund MFI is currently looking for candidates for Teller II role. The successful candidates will have skills and experience that meet the following requirements:

Position 1: Teller II

1.  Major Responsibilities

Marketing of saving products & Teller supervision

  •  Undertakes and facilitate marketing of saving products  & consumer loans
  • Supervises and reviews the work of the teller(s) and reports to the branch manager any discrepancy within the day;
  •   Ensures that there is sufficient personnel available to attend to expected number of clients;
  • Monitors and controls all the post dated checks, land titles, and other important documents

Teller function

  •   Undertake preparation and review of CRV as per the collection schedule,
  •  Performs cash operations (withdrawals and deposits), disbursements, payments
  •  Performs regular check of the actual cash balance on hand and reconciles it with the balance according to the cash module of the MIS system and immediately reports discrepancies to the BM;
  • Maintains minimum/ maximum cash in accordance with the MFI policy & prevailing management guidelines;
  • Ensures that fake bank notes are neither received nor disbursed to the clients;
  • Prepares variance report for cash collected against the collection schedule and prepares necessary end of day reports;
  •  Conducts end-of –business cash counts and packs the money
  • Acts as custodian of the branch vault, safes, and main door keys and combinations in tandem with the Branch Manager or his/her delegate

Manage loan process

  •  Receives consumer loan applications and perform credit investigation on loan applicants and his/her surety/ guarantor, if any;
  •   If necessary, conducts inspection and/or appraisal of any property being offered as collateral;
  •  Prepares and presents credit applications to the branch credit committee for approval;
  •   Prepares schedules and disburses loans and collects repayments from consumer clients
  •  Assesses client history & performance to recommend for repeat loan

Manages portfolio quality

  •  Closely monitors loan payments and ensures zero tolerance against past due;
  •  Conduct close follow up on consumer loans in arrears and complete log sheet for consumer loans past due and appropriately document thereof;

Job Requirements

  • A minimum of Diploma in Accounting/Management/Banking/Marketing/Rural development/ Cooperative or related social science fields
  • Practical credit or cash handling or related work experience of 2 years
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate and manage a team
  •  Capability and willingness to take responsibility and highly developed sense of rectitude
  •  Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the organization Ideals and Core Values
  •  Good knowledge in economic and financial topics
  •  Good analytical and problem solving skills
  •  Computer literacy is desirable

2.   Terms of Employment: Permanent

3.  Salary: As per the Institution salary scale

4.  Closing Date: February 07, 2024

How to Apply

Candidates who fulfill the requirements can send their application, curriculum vitae, names and addresses of up to three references and non-returnable copies of credentials in person to Hawasa, Durame, South Regional HR & Administration Officer Or through: [email protected].

Position 2: Branch Accountant I

1.    Major Duties and Responsibilities:-

 Ensure the maintenance of an updated and well-kept accounting books and records:-

  • Handle and ensure branch’s daily financial transaction (payments, collections, cash withdrawal & deposition in banks, saving withdrawals, cash count etc.) are in line with financial policy and procedure of the institution.
  • Ensures timely and accurate weekly & monthly bank reconciliation for all accounts of the branch and take prompt  action on reconciling items
  • Ensures observance of policies in the preparation of payments, deposits, petty cash and vouchers
  •    Ensures that the accounting books,  records, loan documents etc. of the MFI branch are properly filed and stored for efficient retrieval and use;
  •  Signs and counter signs on all financial documents and statements with the Branch manager.

Prepare and assist for both internal and external audits:-

  •  Provides assistance in any audit or examination to be conducted by the external or internal auditor, government regulatory agencies as well as other parties duly authorized by the Board of Directors or the CEO to conduct such activity;
  • Facilitate availing of all necessary documentation for branch audit task and ensure that proper minutes is kept, signed and properly filed up on audit exit conference.

 Maintain sufficient control systems:-

  •  Play internal control role of the branch office, i.e ensure that all financially and operational activities of the branch is in alignment policies and procedures of the institution and regulatory requirement
  • Keeps a systematic monitoring of all of the MFI’s property and equipment, monitor its movement and review its condition as compared to its book value;
  •  Ensure financial documents (cheque books, vouchers, loan documents etc.) are kept in safe custody and handled in accordance of policy and procedure of the institution.
  •  Ensure that all financial documents and loan documents are signed by parties involved and properly filled;
  •  Ensure management of cash; cash in hand and at bank is done in line with policy and procedure of the institution.
  • Work with the treasurer to ensure adequate control of cash and other assets according to laid down policies for the MFI.
  •  Ensure that monthly client verification is done, signed and orderly documented.
  •   Ensure that budget and budgetary control is done in accordance with policy and procedure of the institution
  •  Formulate financial budget and annual plan of the branch in coordination with Branch manager;
  • Responsible for branch cash flow forecasting and liquidity management of branch office


  •   Ensure system generated tasks such EOM running, backups, off-line files; scanned copies of loan documents are properly handled & timely reported.
  •   Promptly produces regular financial and other reports per policy and procedure of the institution;
  •  Produce for review monthly income, balance sheet and cash flow statement of the head office.

Job Requirements

  •   Bachelor degree or Diploma in Accounting, Finance and Budgeting or related fields.
  •  Chartered accountant is an added advantage.
  •  2 years for bachelor degree or 4 years’ experience for diploma in related positions.
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate & manage a team.
  •  Capability and willingness to take responsibility and highly developed sense of integrity
  • Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the organization Ideals and Core Values.
  •  Be proficient in Microsoft office, Sun systems and excellent use of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Highly developed sense of reliability and accuracy.
  •  Be a good trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach.
  •  Very good communication skills.

 2. Terms of Employment: Permanent

3. Salary: As per the Institution salary scale

4. Closing Date: February 07, 2024

How to Apply

Candidates who fulfil the above requirements can submit the application letter, updated curriculum vitae with names and addresses of up to 3 references and non returnable copies of credentials in person to: Aletawondo, HadaroSouth Region HR & Adminstration Office Or through: [email protected].

Women applicants are highly encouraged to apply!

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